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Success is forced out!

Success is forced out!   Success is forced out! Sometimes, we might as well be a hero, don’t succeed, first roared a voice. More at low ebb, we have to say to yourself! Many successful people are blowing on some leather to bring it on. It is strange, “leather“ blow blowing, actually became a reality…. Continue Reading →

Can fall to the ground is a one step at a time

Can fall to the ground is a one step at a time For a new job, is a foreign company, heard new colleagues directly in English, I quiteenvy, but can do nothing about it, especially for me, a person with weak English background, improving English for a short time, there seem to be too difficult…. Continue Reading →

In fact, life is kind of persistence

In fact, life is kind of persistence   Because of the rainy weather, I haven’t go bonsai on the balcony for a few days. Today went out to look, to my surprise, one of the pots had fallen everywhere, life was in danger, but by her side, a little–known plant flourishes, proudly swaying in the… Continue Reading →

Armchair Zhao Kuo

Armchair Zhao Kuo   262 BC, Qin Zhaoxiang Wang Pai general Bai Qi to attack Korea, occupied the yewang (now qinyang, Henan). On the cut off party County (governance where this Changzhi, Shanxi) and Han Dou link, on the critical situation of the party. Party on South Korean military generals are reluctant to surrender the… Continue Reading →

Pleasure of Balzac

Pleasure of Balzac   Balzac was France representative of realism. Balzac‘s life completed a total of 90 full-length work more than 12 hours a day on average. Every day at 12 o’clock at night,the servant will wake him up, he put on his white religious clothing, immediately fired off letters. He wrote five or six… Continue Reading →

Premier Zhou’s story

Premier Zhou‘s story   When the aircraft is in distress In January 1946, Comrade Zhou Enlai flew to Chongqing from Yanan. Peer in addition to the staff, and the daughter of ye Ting eyebrow, she is only 11 years old. Flying fast and steady. Through the clouds, you can see the snow-capped mountain peaks layered,… Continue Reading →

Wang Chongshu Pu study determined

Wang Chongshu Pu study determined   Wang is China’s Eastern Han dynasty with materialism and outstanding thinkers of critical spirit. Wang Chong’s boyhood, his father died. Wang Chong’s best care of his mother, went to the city, Imperial College, thanks to famous scholars of Ban Biao to be a teacher. He likes to read widely,… Continue Reading →

All flowers are beautiful

All flowers are beautiful   Jesse will never forget, is a lunch time when she was in third grade, whenrehearsing, she was chosen to play Princess. For weeks, his mother took great painswith his lines. But no matter how freely she at home, standing on the stage, the words in his head disappeared. Finally, the… Continue Reading →